Symbolic Camera

Symbolic camera was an exciting exercise. After two years of writing essays and book reviews, doing presentations and seminar readings, I got to do an assignment that does not have to follow any rules, structure or marking criteria. This art project was meant to represent the topic of our film but I did not have one yet, so I decided to make a symbolic camera that represents me as a filmmaker.

I was planning to start working on the camera as soon as possible, I visited an arts shop to get some colourful sticky tapes, and I went through our bins to find some old bottles and cans. Only thing that was missing was a solid box. I had an evening shift in a local Mexican restaurant where I work as a waitress. I remembered that there was a plenty of old boxes in the basement of the restaurant, so I decided to take one home and use it for the camera.

I found an empty paper box for Mexican Sol beer. I wanted to use that one because it was too big and it would make the camera appear very unrealistic, I just thought it would be really funny to bring a really large camera. As I was leaving the restaurant my manager asked me why I needed the box. I explained the assignment and how it relates to my video project. And then the idea creeped in, as I expected, quietly, it just appeared in front of me. I decided to do my video project about Café des Amis, the Mexican restaurant I know really well and I understand. The place that is really close to my heart and I would feel responsible for its representation.

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