Editing and creating narrative

Editing was my favourite part of the whole process but at the same time, the most difficult one. I was content with the footage I took and I had an idea of how I wanted the film to be organized. The trickiest part was to become a little distanced from my favourite shots. There was some footage I found funny or visually pleasing but it was not relevant for the narrative I planned out in advance. Putting these shots aside was frustrating and I found myself stuck several times.

After a few hours of editing and getting upset about excluding my favourites, I decided to change my approach. I started a new sequence and for a moment I forgot about my plan. I put all my favourite shots on the timeline and started creating a narrative around them. Suddenly, the film was born.


My initial idea was to focus on how food creates the community. I wanted to capture the meaning of serving and sharing food. However, I did not find the process of making that film enjoyable. Deciding to focus on my favourite shots made me change the whole narrative and the initial aim of the film. The final piece is about something different. It is about the restaurant itself, it is about the experience of belonging to that place, as a staff member or a customer. The way I finally edited the film invites the viewers to experience a day at Café des Amis. It is an invitation to observe the people who belonged to the place and time at the very moment I filmed them. For me, that is much more powerful and demonstrative way to show how the community at Café des Amis is created, and the food is just one of the building bricks.

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